NFT Collection

Bullish Terriers will be minting a collection of NFTs this year to kickstart our mission to help rescue animals in need. 

purple and black pyramid wallpaper

About Us

Bullish Terriers are adorabull cartoon pups on a mission to raise funds for rescue pets!

We will be offsetting the mint's carbon footprint to ensure that the creation of Bullish Terriers does not have a negative environmental impact. 

Specialty merch and toy sales will  fund our mission to save as many rescue animals as possible. Some animals cannot enter rescue if they do not meet health requirements and receive extensive medical care. These high risk animals will be our primary focus.

What we're building

Here are a few things we're working on for 2023 and beyond.

We're constantly thinking of new ways to spread joy and share the adorabull bull terrier breed with the world!

Plushies & Toys
Tons of hugabulls

to be featured

to be featured

Full line of clothing & accessories coming soon

100's of stickers & gifs on the way

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